Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Noise Limits


Important: Let us fight against the noise!


Limits to be respected in 2014

Because of the operating licence in force and standards imposed by the circuits, we will from now on carry out noise controls on all cars during events. Vehicles which are found to be too noisy will not be allowed on the track until they conform.

For each type of day there will be a fixed standard which cannot be exceeded. You will find this noise limit next to the dates on the calendar. By consulting with our site you will know this limit. This limit comes also into force on all European circuits.


We draw your attention to the following points

The exhaust system cannot be home made, it must be a marketed and approved unit.
In case of doubt an effective solution must be presented which conforms with all the above requirements.


    Noise Limits:

    • Spa-Francorchamps: 107 dB (static) - 103 dB (dynamic)


    • Mettet: 94 dB (static) - 101 dB (dynamic)